Students walk in a line behind the leader carrying a cross


If you’re called to serve God, grow into a leader forged by faith at Gonzaga. Through programs ranging from 天主教的研究 to Theology and 领导, 你的思想会得到发展, body, 和精神, and advance the greater good for all.



Gonzaga prepares students to become agents of justice, hope, and courage in their communities. By exploring religious beliefs in various cultures over time, you’ll gain insight and perspective on how faith influences our world.

  • Explore the role of religion in different cultures
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith and its history
  • Reflect on the most fundamental questions of the human experience
  • Develop an informed, critical, articulate sense of our shared history
  • Understand and appreciate how past achievements and understandings influence culture and the modern world



在天主教, Jesuit and Humanistic traditions, your learning prepares you to work toward a more just world. You’ll cultivate an understanding of what it means to be human, to experience a well-lived life, to find your role in a more humane global community.

Your educational journey expands year by year with these principals of our Core curriculum:

  • Understanding and creating
  • 存在与成为
  • 关心和做
  • 想象可能

You’ll also uncover the richness of interdisciplinary studies, where courses blend biology and dance, 信仰与科学, 政治与文学. All to equip you for the next part of your journey, where purpose and potential evolve.

了解更多使命 & 部


Our retreats are designed to offer immersive experiences away from campus to rest, 更新, 充电, and encounter the divine while having fun with friends in an exciting and enlivened community.


We are dedicated to helping students prepare for lives of service and leadership. Learn more about our Catholic and Jesuit heritage and find resources for your own spiritual development.

圣礼 & 敬拜

People of all religious paths are welcome to join us in prayer and worship. In addition, we help community members connect with other local area places of worship.